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With the most effective dedicated iOS, Android and web app developers, Nitrix will help you to create a top-notch product based on modern technologies. Our team has extensive experience to deliver fast, well-developed and innovative applications. You can look at some of them down below.

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Startup Show

With Startup Show, you can add all of your favorite m3u playlists using our sleek-designed powerful built-in player. Being a Netflix competitor, this app empowers to watch movies, TV Shows and Live TV Streaming using VLC Player (iOS/Android) and ExoPlayer with FFmpeg (Android) depending on video format. The app also supports Chromecast and subtitles. With the ability to download movies, users can watch them offline anywhere.



SaQure is an on-demand massage service platform, where one type of users are specialists that can provide their services, and others are regular users, customers, who can schedule an appointment. In this project, we made an iOS app for customers. With the user-friendly interface of the app, they can book a massage therapist in one click.


This is an Android app for audio music listening and clips watching. This one was made from scratch with the help of 2 Android developers and it took only 3.5 months to release. The application initially made for users from developing countries and should have spread through mobile phone operators. It also has all the features that you can find in modern apps like Apple Music or Google Play Music. The app is using ExoPlayer for playback, Firebase Analytics and Adjust for statistics tracking and Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications.


This application is an e-commerce fabric store made by using the Flutter framework. Tailors app gives the opportunity to select a fabric, add to cart, pay for an order, pick a type of transportation in two ways - delivery to customer's address or takeaway. The app is definitely easy-to-use and stands out among other online stores.


Social photo service application made as an Instagram prototype. The app has its such own features like sharing photos and photo collections with elements of a social network. The app is currently not available in the Stores.


Halves is a dating app that helps single people to find their soulmates. The application made only for iOS developed from design to the Store and contains basic features: liking interesting profiles, matching, free chatting. Currently not available in the Store.

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